Welcome to My Programming Journey

Hello there, fellow coding enthusiasts! Welcome to Toan Thien blog, where I, a passionate programmer, embark on a journey to share my knowledge and experiences with the vast world of coding.

About Me

I am familiar with .NET, Node.js, Linux, Docker, Databases, Cloud service and Kubernetes. And I am eager to continue learning and expanding my knowledge even further

What to Expect

Toan Thien blog isn’t just a space for me to showcase my coding adventures; it’s a platform where I want to share what I’ve learned. Especially for those who are just starting out in the software development industry, you will find valuable things here.

Tools and Resources

Additionally, this is also where I collect the useful tools I’ve used in my projects. Think of it as a reference for your own projects. These tools are not only beneficial to me, but to you too. Let’s work together to make our coding journey more efficient and enjoyable.

Get Involved

Feel free to explore the articles, download the tools, and engage in discussions. Your input is valuable, and I’m always open to suggestions for new topics or improvements.

Thank you for joining me on this coding adventure.

Happy coding,
Toàn Thiện

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