Nginx vs Traefik: Which Reverse Proxy Is Right for You?

Nginx and Traefik are two of the most popular load balancers available today. Both solutions offer a wide range of features and capabilities, making them suitable for a variety of use cases. In this post, we will compare Nginx and Traefik in-depth, covering their strengths, weaknesses, and key differences. We will also provide a table … Read more

Nginx Basic Config

In this blog, we will learn how to configure a basic site using Nginx. If you haven’t set up Nginx yet, you can follow the post on installing Nginx on Ubuntu 22.04. 1. Create a basic website The default page is located in the /var/www/html/ directory. You have the option to either place your static … Read more

Install Nginx on Ubuntu 22.04

Nginx, pronounced “engine-x,” is a high-performance web server and reverse proxy server. Nginx is a fast, efficient, and scalable web server, making it a popular choice for serving static content, handling high-traffic websites, and acting as a reverse proxy for various applications. Now we will learn how to install Nginx 1. Install Nginx On Ubuntu, … Read more