Exploring Cross-Platform Development: ElectronJS, CordovaJS, and CapacitorJS

Introduction In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, the demand for cross-platform applications has surged. Developers are seeking efficient solutions to build applications that run seamlessly on various operating systems and devices. Three prominent platforms that facilitate cross-platform development are ElectronJS, CordovaJS, and CapacitorJS. In this blog post, we’ll compare their features, and highlight their … Read more

Unlocking Development Possibilities: Making Your Localhost Public with Ease

Introduction Have you ever found yourself with a coding masterpiece in the making, itching to share it with testers or collaborators? Maybe you’re stuck in the development phase, and deploying to a test server feels like a hassle. Fear not! This blog will guide you through turning your localhost into a public domain, opening doors … Read more