Understanding package.json and package-lock.json in Node.js

package.json and package-lock.json

Package.json and package-lock.json are two important files in Node.js projects. If you are working on a Node.js project, it is important to understand the purpose of package.json and package-lock.json. What is package.json? Package.json is a JSON file used to describe a Node.js project. The file contains information about the project’s name, version, dependencies, author, description, … Read more

BunJS, Node.js, and DenoJS: Can BunJS Replace Node.js?

Introduce BunJS – Denojs – Nodejs. JavaScript has emerged as one of the most widely used programming languages globally, and with the ever-growing development community, tools and frameworks continue to surface, aiding developers in building modern applications effortlessly and efficiently. One noteworthy newcomer in this landscape is BunJS – a lightweight, high-performance JavaScript runtime designed … Read more