Testing Network Speed Between Two Linux Servers with Iperf

Measuring and optimizing network speed is a critical aspect of maintaining efficient server performance. Iperf, a versatile and robust tool, plays a pivotal role in assessing network speed between Linux servers. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the installation, configuration, and advanced features of Iperf to empower you in optimizing your server’s network performance.

Installing Iperf

To kickstart the process, install Iperf on both Linux servers. For Debian/Ubuntu systems, use the following commands:

sudo apt-get install iperf

For CentOS/Fedora, execute:

sudo yum install epel-release -y sudo yum install iperf -y

Configuring Iperf Port (Optional)

Iperf uses port 5001 for connections by default. To modify the port, ensuring accessibility on the server receiving traffic, use the following command:

iperf -s [port]

Starting the Server (Incoming Traffic)

Initiate the server on the receiving end to begin assessing incoming traffic:

iperf -s

Connecting from the Client (Outgoing Traffic)

Connect from the client to measure outgoing traffic speed:

iperf -c [server-ip]
Test traffic with iPerf

Bidirectional Testing

For a comprehensive evaluation of both upstream and downstream speeds simultaneously, utilize the bidirectional testing feature:

iperf -c [server-ip] -d

This command, a shorthand for iperf --dualtest [server-ip], initiates a bidirectional test.

Advanced Features of Iperf

Iperf offers additional features for nuanced network analysis. For instance, adjusting the duration of the test with -t and customizing the interval between reports with -i provides flexibility in capturing specific network behaviors.

iperf -c [server-ip] -t 30 -i 5


By following these steps and exploring advanced features, you can effectively gauge and enhance network speed between your Linux servers using Iperf. This guide empowers you to understand, fine-tune, and optimize your server’s network performance, ensuring a seamless and efficient server environment.

Incorporate Iperf into your server management toolkit to achieve optimal network performance and address potential bottlenecks, fostering a robust and responsive server infrastructure.

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